Ms-Optics PERAR-R 17mm

Review and photo examples of PERAR 17mm F4.5 (MS-Optics / Miyazaki Optical).

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The photo example was taken with a Leica M-P.

The photo example was taken with a LUMIX GM5.


PERAR-R 17mm is the widest-angle lens in the lens series released by MS-Optics (Miyazaki Optical).
The name PERAR-R indicates that PERAR is thin, and the R that follows indicates that the lens configuration is retrofocus type. Other PERAR series lenses have a triplet lens configuration, so they are distinguished by adding “-R” after the PERAR series name.

By keeping the aperture f-number modest, the lens is lightweight and compact, and it is a lens that clearly reflects designer Sadayasu Miyazaki’s policy of refusing to make lenses larger, even when it comes to ultra-wide-angle lenses.
The minimum shooting distance of this lens is 0.3m, allowing you to get close enough to your subject to capture a wide angle of view that surrounds your subject. Compared to Leica M SUPER ELMAR 18mm/F3.4, Kosina Zeiss Distagon 18mm/F4, and LOMO ATOLL 17mm/F2.8, which have similar focal lengths, this lens has a dark F value but is overwhelmingly compact. . Being able to obtain a focal length of 17mm with this size is extremely helpful when you want to reduce your luggage.
Vignette dimming is within an acceptable range, and distortion is not too noticeable.

There is a thread cut in the front part of the lens barrel, but the diameter and pitch of the thread are special, so I can’t find a filter that can be directly screwed into it. Regarding the attachment of the filter, the instructions recommend that to protect the lens, remove the glass from the 34mm filter and attach it directly to the inside of the hood.
This is thought to be a measure taken to avoid vignetting in the corners due to the use of a general filter since it is a wide-angle lens.
If you don’t attach the protective filter, the front element is exposed, so you need to be careful when handling it while shooting or when storing the camera in your bag.

This lens also comes in a wide variety of colors, but the gold version is not in good plating and I have seen some pieces peeling off.


製造LEICACarl ZeissLOMOMs-optics
名称SUPER ELMAR 18mmDistagon 18mmATOLL 17mmPERAR 17mm
focal length(mm)18181717
Maximum aperture3.442.84.5
Minimum aperture16222222
Leaf blade910810
Lens configuration8elements in 7groups10elements in 8groups13elements in 10groups4elements in 4groups
Minimum distance(m)
Lens length(mm)58477910.2
Lens max diameter(mm)61657350
Filter Size(mm)77mm (with filter holder)
IR/UV filter for M8 available
Release date2009.032007.082021.03
Price(Yen/No-tax)315,000 yen (when first released)
The price has since gone up.
Comparison of specifications of 18mm focal length class M/L mount lenses

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