MS-Optics XENOMAX 3.5/50

Review of using the XENOMAX 50mm F3.5(MS-Optics / Miyazaki-kogaku)with a PANASONIC LUMIX5 and Hasselblad X1DII.

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Gallery / Photo example with Panasonic LUMIX GM5

Gallery / Photo example with HASSELBLAD X1DII

Ms-optics has released a standard lens that officially covers medium format size sensors.
With a simple barrel and a rotation angle of about 30 degrees from infinity to 0.5 m minimum focus distance, quick operation can be expected with double image-matching cameras; with EVF-based cameras, focus adjustment may be difficult due to the small rotation angle.
When used with the HASSELBLAD X1DII/X2D, there is little peripheral distortion or lack of light when shooting with an image circle of 44mm*33mm sensor size. When shooting a blue sky, there were occasions when a little insufficient light was felt on the periphery.
For 35mm full size or smaller sensors, this lens is highly versatile because only the tasty center portion of the image can be used.
When raw images are developed straight, color tones are natural and contrast is a little low. If you want a flashy picture, you can change the impression by increasing contrast a little.
The name of the lens was XENOR at the time of testing, but was changed to XENOMAX at the time of release because of the lens’s No. 1 Ms-optics performance.


This lens from MS-Optics’ (Miyazaki Kogaku) History Series is a xenotal-type lens designed for high performance.
With a 4-group 5-element lens construction, the lens length is 33mm and weighs 63g, making it very compact while covering the digital medium-format sensor size.
The lens performance is standard with a maximum aperture of 3.5 F. It is a versatile lens with each aberration well suppressed.
The minimum focusing distance is 0.5m.

Lens nameXENOMAX 3.5/50
Local length(mm)50
Max aperture3.5
Min aperture16
Lens Construction5elements in 4group
Min distance(m)0.5
Lens length(mm)33
Lens Max diameter(mm)50
Filter Size(mm)30.5
Release dateY 2021

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