This is a record of using the SUMMILUX-R 80mm F1.4, a medium telephoto lens for the Leica R, with a digital camera.

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Photo example by DMR / LEICA SL

Large aperture medium telephoto lens with a focal length of 80mm, which is not available in M-type lenses.
The one in my possession is a ROM lens in very good condition with only minor scratches on the focusing ring.
The DMR records only the focal length in EXIF.

Since M-type lenses are basically limited by the viewfinder frame, it was inevitable that this 80mm focal length lens was released for Leicaflex lenses, which do not need to worry about the viewfinder frame.
The focal length of 80mm is one of the reasons why the 80mm focal length lens was chosen, as the weight and price of a 90mm lens with a large aperture up to F1.4 would be too much to bear.
Since the size of the SUMMICRON 90mm is almost the same as this lens, we can roughly estimate the dimensions of the SUMMILUX 90mm if it existed, and if we assume that the maximum lens diameter = 64.3mm when enlarged to F1.4 with a focal length of 90mm, and the lens barrel width is 20mm (10mm x 2) for rigidity, etc. The lens diameter is a macho 84mm.

There must be a large number of this lens circulating in Japan, and it was often seen in the used market in the past. However, as is the trend with R-mount lenses in general, it has recently become a bit of a rarity.
It is a medium telephoto lens with no protrusion of the rear element, so it can be used with the EOS-1DsMKIII without any problem. f/1.4 is a bright lens, so it will be easier to focus if the focusing screen of the EOS is set to Ec-S with Super Precision Matte.

Lens specification
The SUMMILUX-R 80mm was a large-aperture medium telephoto lens manufactured from 1980 to 2009.
Although there are some minor differences in specifications, the lens barrel with a built-in lens hood has been the same since its initial release. 3CAM, RCAM, and ROM mounts are available, and the lens can be used with SLR reflex cameras from R3 onward.
The minimum focusing distance is 0.8m, and approximately 12,000 were produced over a period of 29 years.

focal length(mm)80
Maximum aperture1.4
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration5groups 7elements
Minimum distance(m)0.8
Lens length(mm)69Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)75
Filter diameter(mm)67

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