This is a record of photographs taken with a LEICA SUMMILUX-R 35mm F1.4, a large-aperture wide-angle lens, attached to a digital camera.

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Sample photos by HASSELBLAD X2D


This is one of the Leica R-mount lenses and a member of the Summilux series, which has been popular for a long time.
Unlike the M-type Summilux, this large-aperture lens is designed for SLR cameras and has a unique and pleasing image depiction. It is also a 35mm SLR lens with a large aperture that minimizes vignetting. The downside of this is that the lens is large in size, but this should be tolerated.
When using the Summilux 35mm, I feel that the M lens is craft-like and the R lens is mechanical. The lens size is about the same as the Summilux 80mm, and when three R-mount Summilux lenses are lined up, the 50mm seems very small. I first got the 3-cam version and used it on my Fujifilm X-PRO1 with a METABONES speed booster; when I got the ROM version, I sold the 3-cam version, and now I use it on my X-PRO1 with a METABONES speed booster. When I got the ROM version, I sold the 3-cam version, and there was no noticeable difference between the two as far as the shooting results were concerned.
I used the ROM version mainly with LEICA SL TYP601, a little bit with DMR, and CANON EOS1DsMkIII could not use this lens due to an error. 4 corners were reasonably well covered when I used it with HASSELBLAD X1DII and X2D. Since the lens originally covers a width of up to 36mm, when the vignetting was excluded from the results, the usable limit of the 3:2 Leica version was calculated to be 41.2 x 27.5mm out of a digital medium format sensor size of 44 x 33. At 1:1 in the Hasselblad tradition, 33 x 33 mm is well covered.


35mm focal length Leica R mount lens.
The lens is heavy with a 10-element 9-group lens construction.
The hood is a built-in type and does not cover a large area when pulled out, but I feel the lens itself has sufficient backlight resistance.

focal length(mm)35
Maximum aperture1.4
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration10-elements 9-groups
Leaf blade10
Minimum distance(m)0.5
Lens length(mm)75Distance from mount frange
Lens max diameter(mm)76
Filter diameter(mm)67
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