Review of using the LEITZ TELE ELMAR 4/135 for Leica VISO to R with a digital camera.

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Sample photos by HASSELBLAD X2D(mirrorless digital camera)

The basic form of distribution is for Leica M-mount lenses, but the 90mm and 135mm lenses of this era are designed so that the helicoid and lens can be easily separated, making it possible to play with interchangeable mounts.
When using VISOFLEX lenses, the OTZFO helicoid used with the Elmar 65mm for Bizo should be used as the helicoid, and the OTZFO can be obtained secondhand from around 10,000 yen, so it is not difficult to obtain. Since OTFZO is a manual lens, if the helicoid does not move well, it will reduce the desire to take pictures.
The Elmar 135/4 and Hector 135/4.5 lenses are less troublesome when playing with the mount because the lens and mount can be separated with the helicoid included. When the lens is separated, it becomes a screw mount, so it is converted to a VISO-M using the 16466M M-mount adapter.
With a maximum aperture of 4, the focus is not as severe as with the Elmarit 135 F2.8, and if you can tolerate the darkness, you can enjoy the crisp resolution that is still acceptable in the digital age.
The sensor size of the XASSELBLAD X2D is fully covered, and the wide image circle, which was said to be no problem with the 645 in the film era, is true to its size.
Both the front and rear bokeh are not peculiar, and there is no suspicious bokeh that goes around in circles; even at f/4, the focus is thin and the in-focus area can be emphasized.
The photo below shows the lens body + OTFZO + 16466M + NOVOFLEX R-X mount adapter stacked in four layers.
There is no problem with the precision of the assembly, but some dimensions seem to be a few micrometers longer than others, and the distant view is not in focus unless the lens is stopped down to f/11. This is what happens when you use a multi-stage adapter.

This 135mm focal length Leica M-mount lens is an M-mount lens, but since the lens and helicoid are separated, it can be used as a lens for VISOFLEX and R-mount.
For use with VISOFLEX, the helicoid OTZFO used with the Elmar 65mm for Bizo is used.
For use with the LEICA-R, the Leica 14167 Leica M (VISO-M) to Leica R mount lens adapter must be added to the above.
The minimum focal length is 0.9m because of the relatively long helicoid OTZFO.

focal length(mm)135
Maximum aperture4
Minimum aperture32
Lens configuration5elements 3groups
Minimum distance(m)1.5When the M helicoid is used, the entire range is linked to the camera rangefinder.
Lens length(mm)107
Lens max diameter(mm)56
Filter diameter(mm)39-

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