Review and Photo example of the APO Summicron M 75mm F2 ASPH..

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  • LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-M 75mm F2 ASPH. Photo Example(with Leica M9P)


Apo Summicron M 75mm ASPH. is a Leica M mount medium telephoto lens with a focal length of 75mm.
This lens was released in 2004 and is currently on sale as of 2024.
It uses aspherical lenses and has a built-in hood, conforming to the standards of modern M Leica lenses released in the 2000s.
A 6-bit lens recognition code can be added to lenses without a code. Depending on the year of manufacture, some lenses may have a code added to them at the time of sale.

For the 75mm focal length, I used the Voigtlander Color Heliar 75mm (L39 mount) and the Summilux 75mm, but I sold the Color Heliar 75mm when I got the Summilux.
After that, I got the Apo Summicron 75mm because I thought that the poor operation rate of the Summilux 75mm was due to its weight.
The weight is 560g for Summilux and 430g for Aposummicron, so it is quite light, and the balance was very good when attached to M9. The lens of the Summilux is heavy and the balance during shooting is not good, so I feel that a large mirrorless camera like the LEICA SL typ601 would look good on it. If you are going to use LEICA SL, I think it would be more straightforward to use R-mount SUMMILUX 80mm or genuine LEICA SL APO SUMMICRON 75mm.

It’s a modern lens with a flawless image even at wide open aperture, no unsightly bokeh, and a better focus yield than the Summilux even with the M9 viewfinder. It was a lens with no particular complaints.
I used it a fair number of times, but the conclusion was that it was lighter and easier to handle than the Summilux 75mm, but I sold it because I realized that the 75mm focal length was a little cramped and didn’t suit me.

I haven’t made any theoretical arrangements, but I feel that 75mm and 80mm are focal lengths that are similar but have exquisitely different feels, as I felt with SUMMILUX.


focal length(mm)7575
Maximum aperture21.6
Minimum aperture1616
Lens configuration5groups 7elements
Minimum distance(m)0.70.75
Lens length(mm)66.880Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)5869
Filter diameter(mm)4960
Production number1653+(2005) *114,752 *1
Release date20041980
*1: Production numbers are reproduced from LEICA WIKI

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