CONTAX Planar 2/35 T*(GtoM)

This contents is a record of using a Kyocera CONTAX G-mount 35mm F2 lens modified by MS-Optics (Miyazaki Kogaku) to Leica M mount with Leica M digital camera.

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CONTAX G Planar 35mm F2 Photo example (using Leica M-P)

The one I own has an old MS-35 helicoid with a steep angle at the base of the lens, which makes it very difficult to attach and detach the lens, and the MS-35 was designed for very small lenses, such as compact cameras, and was not designed for a lens with a large front part, such as this lens. This is probably because the MS-35 was designed for compact cameras and other very small lenses, and was not intended to have a large front part like this lens. The MS-45 lens used for the Planar 45mm F2, which will be introduced on another page, has a right-angled base and is somewhat wide, so it is not difficult to attach and remove the lens.
The new MS-35 seems to have this part improved, and when I asked to change the helicoid part, Mr. Miyazaki told me it was impossible due to the structure of the lens.
Since the lens has been converted to Leica M mount, it can be used with various mirrorless cameras by using a mount adapter.
The M-mount modification of this lens is widely used overseas, and there are even places that sell not only the modified lens but also the helicoid (see the website in the reference link for details).

CONTAX Planar T* 35mm F2

Lens specification
This lens was made by MS-Optics to convert an AF lens for the CONTAX G to Leica M mount (linked to the rangefinder).
It uses a common helicoid called MS-35.

focal length(mm)35
Maximum aperture2
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration5groups 7elements(Planar-Type)
Minimum distance(m)0.5Works with the camera’s rangefinder from 0.8m to infinity.
Lens length(mm)32
Lens max diameter(mm)47
Filter diameter(mm)46
Planar 35mm lens configuration for CONTAX G (scanned and traced from the lens manual)

Reference links
Zeiss Photography Historical Products(There is a data sheet for the CONTAX G lens in the middle of the linked page.)
FUNLEADER Web-site(Website of FUNLEADER, which sells modified lenses and helicoids for modification)
Zeiss PLANAR description page by Wikipedia

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