This is a record of using the LEICA SUPER ANGULON R 21mm F4 with a LEICA digital camera.

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Photo example used with Leica SL Typ601

There are two types of Super Angulon R-type wide-angle lenses for the R mount: an older model with almost the same lens configuration as the M-type (strictly speaking, different) and a maximum aperture of 3.4, and a newer retrofocus type with a maximum aperture of 4. Both lenses were designed by Schneider. The one introduced here is the newer model.
The old Super Angulon was not a practical lens for SLR cameras, because the rear lens was close to the sensor, so it had to be used with the mirror up on a SLR camera. In addition, since the rear element is close to the sensor in recent mirrorless cameras, there is a high possibility of color cast on the periphery of the image.
The new model is a very ordinary lens with a minimum focusing distance of 20cm, which allows you to get close (the shortest distance is 16cm with the SUPER ELMAR 15mm), but it has barrel distortion, which is a little noticeable when shooting straight objects, and it was inferior to the VARIO-ELMAR 21-35mm zoom lens in overall image quality, including resolution Therefore, I sold it.
Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the lens when I owned it, so there are no exterior photos of the lens.
This lens is occasionally listed on eBay as a ROM-modified lens, but I have no use for it, so I have to put up with it.

About 11,000 were made between 1971 and 1983.
Due to the long production period, the appearance of the lens varies slightly from year to year, but the lens construction is the same.
The four aperture blades give the lens Schneider’s individuality.

focal length(mm)21
Maximum aperture4
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration10elements 8groups
Leaf blade4
Minimum distance(m)0.2Camera distance meter interlocked in all areas
Lens length(mm)43.5Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)78
Filter diameter(mm)E72 or Series 8.5
Release date1971-1983
List price(Yen)

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