Review and Photo example the VARIO-ELMAR-R 21-35mm F3.5-4 ASPH. wide-angle zoom lens

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Photo example by Leica R8 +DMR(Digital Module R) / LEICA M-P Typ240 / LEICA SL typ601 /HASSELBLAD X2D

This lens covers a valuable wide-angle range for the Leica R. The only lenses wider than this are the 19mm and 15mm single focal length lenses, which are very useful when you consider taking the lens out with you.
The hood of this lens is a rotating claw-type hood, and since the hood, claw, and everything is plastic, it is easily damaged. ), I imported a brand new hood from the US at a fair price. The store seemed to have several in stock, and I later wished I had bought more than one anyway. Since this hood is already sold out at that store, I cannot damage the current hood.
The only thing wrong with this lens is that the minimum focusing distance is 0.5m. It would be perfect if I could get as close as 0.3m, but it is a lens that I cannot take one more step.

This lens comes with a ROM, and the Leica SL (and probably the SL2/SL2-S as well) tells you the focal length, aperture value, and shooting distance.
There are several Leica R zoom lenses with ROM, but as far as I know, Vario-Elmar 80-200(F4), Vario-Elmar 35-70(F4) and this lens tell focal length, aperture and shooting distance as this lens does.
The Vario-Elmar 28-70 is unknown because I have never used it, the Vario-Elmarit 28-90 and Vario-Elmarit 35-70 are unknown because I have never had a chance to acquire them because they are too expensive or otherwise unrelated, and I confirm that the other Zoom lenses only convey some information.
I used this lens often with my broken R8+ DMR (Digital Module R), which was useful as a standard 28mm-50mm lens because of the 1.37x factor due to the DMR’s sensor size.
All actual shots are from the DMR.

I found that this lens also could not be used properly with the EOS-1DsMKIII at Err20; as with the ELMARIT-R 19mm/ELMARIT-R 24mm/SUMMILUX-R 35mm, the protrusion of the rear ball seems to be caught by the sensor indicating anomalies on the camera side. The only wide-angle lens I have on hand that is usable is the ELMARIT-R 28mm-2nd.

On the digital medium format, HASSELBLAD X2D (which seems to be the same for the FUJIFILM GFX series), the image circle of 44mm x 33mm covers 35mm (equivalent to 28mm at x0.8)/28mm (equivalent to 22.4mm at x0.8) with almost no problem. The 35mm focal length gives the impression of being more usable on the periphery than the SUMMICRON 35mm. The 21mm focal length at the wide end is quite sweet in the periphery due to vignetting at the corners, and the 21mm focal length seems to be the limit of what 21mm can be used for. 28mm and larger focal lengths have a wider image circle to cover 21mm, which may have a positive effect.

Below are the results of a typical focal length shot with the HASSELBLAD X2D


Lens specification
The Vario-Elmar 21-35 ASPH is a wide-angle zoom lens for the Leica R. Although its specifications are a bit outdated, since the starting angle of view for wide-angle lenses these days is 15mm or 16mm, this lens covers a valuable wide angle range for the Leica R.

Focal length(mm)21-3535-7080-200
Max aperture3.5-44
Min aperture22
Leaf blade6
Lens Construction9elements in 8groups8elements in 7groups12elements in 8groups
Min distance(m)0.50.5
(0.26 macro)
Lens length(mm)66.37946
Max diameter(mm)757462.5
Filter Size(mm)676060
Lens hoodPlastic claw hood
Screw hood
Build in hood
Production number*13,400(Up to 2005)8,680(Up to 2005)14,350(Up to 2005)
Release date2001-1996-1995-
*1: Figures are reproduced from the Leica Wiki.

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